Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello, people... I guess i'm back!! have a happy new year!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exibicionist Trap

- OMG, she isn't wearing underwear!
- "She"?

here I am again ;D

• Ages – Teens
• Category – Practice
• Critique – Encouraged
• Filters – Nudity
• Filters – Adult imagery
• Series – Not Applicable/Other
• Theme – Cross-dressing/Gender bender
• Theme – Voyeurism
• Theme – Mature – Erotic Nude
• Time taken – 30-60 min
• Tools – Digital – Photoshop
• Tools – Traditional – Pencil

Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

happy halloween, everyone!!!

oh, sometimes I wish I one of my own draws could became real so I could... **** THEY LIKE A DOG! maybe in this halloween I can magicaly dream of it *O*

This is a halloween fantasy of this boy, with a little body paint... and some strange withe stuff... "Treat Or Trick"?


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2007 gallery

02) happy halloween \o/

01) wearing sister's short

first post \ shitty template, YAHOY!

hey, dear people. This is a long time since the first site of +Paradise got on web. It was in 16th of Jan, 2005... yeah, +P Studio have 2 years! Well, the site gone offline, I've made a gallery and, and it got offline too. uhuhhu Then, finaly I done a gallery at y!Gallery ( and it stills on untill now!

Since january of this year I've got away from my +Paradise works, I've been too busy... sorry for that. Well, I'm still busy and I won't promise a tons of new stuff... but I will try make somes...

So, I've done this blog to post every shit I make, the best stuff I'll put at y!Gallery. And it have a shitty template, I know... i will try to make it better with the time u.u looking at it so weird makes me JGnba9s8y9f!! u.u~~

well, If you have a blog too let me know, so I can link here. but only shota stuff, key? ; )

gah, I'm not good at talking, I get tired easily and my english is bad. So let's go to business:I've done this pic yesterday. I didn't liked too much, the trace line is weird. But I liked his bum =3 uhuhuhuhuh Like I said, i'm tired of talking, so, I will copy+paste what I said at y!Gallery:
"well, I didn't liked this pic too much, but the idea is good. When he got home alone, this boy gone to his sister's room and took her mini short... then, in the bathroom, you can see him looking how it fited in his bum... let me tell ya, it's fits good *O*"
(uploading this pic I've notice that I got 1000 MB of storage at blogger o.o') AND this is another version, with a red short (looks sexier) and more colors at scenario.

well-hell, i've got nothing more to say! XD